Trail Rides

We run 1 and 2 hourly rides as well as half day rides (3 hours) and full day rides. We also run special event rides for groups.

  • Our 1 hour trail rides are run on the property, in hilly country with wonderful views of the Brindabella Ranges. We offer trail rides on weekends (Sat and Sun afternoons) as well as on weekday afternoons by arrangement. Ride times are booked to suit clients and when we have staff and horse availability. For a one-hourly trail ride, riders spend around 45-50 minutes with the horse.
  • For the two hour Trail Ride, we head over to Mount Stromlo, with beautiful views of Canberra as well as the Brindabella’s. Mounting and preparation take place within the time allowed.
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We can offer special occasion trail rides for group functions or birthdays.

Our trail rides are aimed at the beginner or occasional rider, though they can be enjoyed by riders of all levels. We ride at a walk and, for those with some experience, at a trot. All the horses we take on trails are quiet and suited to beginner riders.

We encourage the enjoyment of horses in riders of all ages, but we do not take children under 8 years of age on trail rides. For those younger children, we have the option of our Junior Rider program. These are a 30-minute led session with an instructor aimed at introducing juniors to horsemanship skills.

We also run a Half Day Trail Ride once a month or as requested, please ask office staff for the next date.

If you would like to join another group, this is an option, or you can specify if you wish your trail to remain private.

For costs and any further queries or to make a booking, please do not hesitate to call or e-mail us.