If you are close to 12 or over and are interested in having fun and learning more about horses and can be available one day every weekend, to work with our horses

Then this might be for you!!

We are currently recruiting junior staff for the centre team, so talk to us about this as a possibility for you to come and join us.

It is a regular commitment EVERY WEEKEND 7.30am - 5:00pm either Saturday or Sunday. It may also include the chance to work with Poplar Corner.

You must be and stay in regular lessons to be accepted to our program.

You also must have a capacity to be very responsible, be diligent about safety, be able to apply yourself and work hard. It is very good training for the workforce. Many of our Junior Staff go on to become Coaches.

Talk to us now!!!

We ask each person who would like to be in our Junior Staff program to read over (with their parents) the contract shown below. Once they have read it and agreed to live up to its terms, they and their parents sign the contract.

Junior Staff Contract

I will be a responsible ambassador of the National Equestrian Centre and give my best efforts to all duties I undertake maintaining a friendly and helpful attitude.

I am a part of a team with everyone’s contribution being important to the overall production. I understand my obligation to treat all team members with dignity and respect including both clients and staff, and expect to be treated so as well.

In every way I shall be a positive role model for all those involved with the centre in following the spirit and the procedures expected by the centre for caring and safe horse management. I will practice my riding and horse handling skills so as not to let the team down.

I will not allow my studies to be put at risk by my job at the National Equestrian Centre.

I will remain within the centre’s boundaries during work hours. I will notify the centre if I am unable to attend and seek to find a replacement from the junior staff list.

I will make every effort to keep my work environment clean and safe.

I understand that the Junior Staff program is for me to gain work experience, personal communication skills and confidence whilst improving my horse management skills and agree to be an actively participating member of National Equestrian centre lessons and activities.

I understand that failure in meeting the above obligations may place my position as a Junior Staff member at risk.

I have read the requirements for being a member of the National Equestrian Centre’s Junior Staff Program and have discussed them with my parents/guardian. I am aware of my expectations and obligations as an ambassador of the National Equestrian Centre.

A printable copy of this contract is available by clicking on the button below

Junior Staff Contract