Agistment at Kerrabee


  • All our stables are well ventilated and have automatic water, feedbin and hay rack with an attached yard.
  • We also provide additional services (such as feeding and rugging).
  • Training and exercising of horses is also available on demand.

Stable photos Stable photos Stable photos

Shelter Yards

The Shelter yards are large, partially enclosed yards.

Shelter Yard photos Shelter Yard photos


Agistment is payable four weeks in advance and is for a minimum of 3 months. A refundable deposit of $150 is payable prior to commencing agistment.

Stable Comments
Standard Includes bedding, use of all facilities, Day Paddock use*
New Includes bedding, use of all facilities, Day Paddock use*
Small Tack Room No Sharing
Large Tack Room No Sharing
Shelter Yard Includes bedding, use of all facilities, Day Paddock use*

* Horses must not be left overnight in the Day Paddock

Paddock Agistment

  • All horses on the property participate in the compulsory drenching program. Stocking rates are low.
  • We have a limited number of private paddocks.
  • Some paddocks are segregated by gender.
Paddocks Comments
Group Includes use of all facilities
Private A limited number are available for use in conjunction with Stable or Sheltered yard.
Includes use of all facilities

paddock photos paddock photos paddock photos

Short Term Agistment

Casual stabling (up to 1 week)

Ask at office for medium term rates up to 3 months

Please familiarise yourself with the Agisters Guidelines

Agisters Guidelines

For new agisters, there is a form that will need to be filled out, this can be done on arrival or beforehand. You can email the form to or fax it to 02 6287 4207

Agisters Arrival Form

Special Horse Care Services

The Centre provides a range of services to support enjoyment of equestrian activities. Frequently requested services are listed below together with the charges. If a service is needed and is not listed please ask us. As a rough guide, time based services are charged at private lesson rate per hour but this is not always the case. We are able to provide weekend or holiday, long term or occasional services to assist you.

  • Feeding of Horses
    • With owners feed - $8 per feed. Feed must be left in a named lidded bucket outside the stable or at a place designated by the Centre. Feeding must be arranged at the office. Where the feed is unable to be located the horse will be fed but the supplied feed cost will be levied.
    • With feed or hay supplied by the Centre - Hay or Hard Feed- $20 per feed
  • Removal and or replacement of rugs $5 per item
  • Bringing in or putting out
    • $20 put out, $25 bring in up to a limit of 15 minutes. Additional time at private lesson time based charge.
  • Mucking out of stables
    • Refilling or cleaning of stables will be charged on a time basis.
  • Attendance to horses
    • For injured horses or other - charged on a time basis at private lesson rate.
  • Training of horses
    • All training is available including education and schooling. Charges are at the private lesson rate.

Full Board

Full Board is available if needed - the cost depends on the feed and services required to manage your horse as you wish. Please ask us for details.

Facilities Available to Agisters

  • Excellent training facilities:
    • International standard indoor arena.
    • 2 outdoor arenas (including showjumping).
  • All are lit and freely available to all agisters.
  • Secure tack rooms are also available for rent.
  • Cross country courses.
  • Saddlery on site providing rug repairs and horse care items.
  • Feed available for purchase.
  • Regular visits by farriers, veterinarians and other essential equestrian services.
  • Instruction is available for new and established horse owners in horsemanship and riding.


The float is a Kara Kar Xlt 2 Horse High Clearance T 0526e

Deposit $200 Cash Not required from NEqC agisters.

Hire Periods
Hire Period
Full Day Hire (Up To 24 Hrs)
2 Days
3 Days Or Weekend (Fri Noon To Mon Noon)
4 Days
5 Days
Full Floating Service, including training for floating

Payment In Full To Be Made Prior To Hire Commencing

Ask for our special rates for longer hire

Return the float clean (swept and hosed out) with the outside (including the underside) hosed and washed clean of road grime etc. otherwise a cleaning fee will apply.

Report any damage prior to and after use. Hirer is responsible for any damage during use. Deposit refund subject to NEqC inspection.

NOTE: The Float Is Fitted With A Flat 7 Pin Plug